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Fire Theater

Circus Combustus has been primarily known for creating large scale burn camps over the years. From small local burns all the way up to esplanade placement at burning man multiple times. Recently we have decided to take what we have learned from years of putting together these theme camps and apply it to further creative outlets and take our visions, talents, and dreams beyond the burns.


Our first theatrical production, Druganacht, was performed in the fall of 2017 at the beautiful Old Smyrna Firehouse. Our amazing costume designer for Druganacht and the person that encouraged us to create the show was Lori Van Voorhis.  The spectacular musical scores for both productions were created from scratch by Ben Farmer.  Our second production, Bardos of Vaudeville, was released in September 2018 at The Bakery.  It was written and directed by Cristiana Valenti and Christian Palma.  The set design for this and Druganacht was conceived  and painted by Rhode Fraser.  Huge thanks to all the Circus Combustus performers & volunteers that put in a huge amount of work and the result was two great hits. 

Here are some shots from the two shows.

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